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A Guide to Weddings at New Life United Methodist Church

A wedding is one of the peak experiences of a lifetime.  It marks the passage of two people from one stage of life to another.  The ceremony is a time of covenant and commitment as they promise their love and loyalty to each other in the presence of God and their loved ones.  Therefore, much careful thought and planning should go into making it the best expression of one͊ feelings and intentions.

Wedding FAQs

1.  Is the church available for my wedding date?   You will need to contact us at nwlifeumc1@att.net to inquire if the date of your wedding is available. We will check your date with the church calendar. If the church is available on that date, a $200 non-refundable deposit will secure your wedding date. We cannot schedule weddings on January 1, during Holy Week, December 24, December 25, or December 31.  Saturday weddings should be scheduled no later than 5:00 p.m.

2.  Do I need to be a member of your church or a United Methodist church member to have a wedding at New Life UMC?  No, we welcome members from other denominations as well as those without a church affiliation to have their wedding here.

 3.  Can I have a family member or clergy from my home church perform the ceremony?  While our ministers are the only clergy members who may officiate the wedding ceremony, we welcome you to invite your minister, family members, or other close friends to participate in your wedding through special witnesses, readings, songs, instrumental performances or other ways to help you celebrate your special day and honor the love you share for one another.

 4. How much does it cost to get married here?  Our wedding ceremonies cost approximately $800, and include church rental, rehearsal, musician, clergy, and clergy consultations.

5. Is there anything else I need to know?  We want your wedding to be a meaningful and joyful occasion. As you make your choice of location for that occasion there are some specific limitations to our facilities about which you should be aware.

a.    We have VERY limited parking. Parking is available on the street around our church but our lot has about 20 spaces.

b.    We are NOT handicap accessible. We do have a chair lift from street level to the level of the Sanctuary. But there is no wheel chair ramp.

c.    There are very limited unisex restroom facilities on the Sanctuary level of the building.

d.    Our organ is not functional.  The musician would use our grand piano for all music.

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