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We serve our neighbors and strengthen our community by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care for all adults, children and families in need
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United Methodist Church - 25 W. Fifth Avenue - Columbus, Ohio  43201
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Breakfast Ministry                                                                                                                                               Every Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m., our doors open to welcome 175+ our neighbors who are poor and homeless who come from shelters, camp sites and housing in the neighborhood They are greeted with hot, steaming coffee, cold cereal, and the smiles of our volunteers. At 8:30, we serve a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes and sausage, and toast. And when they leave, they also receive a sack lunch to enjoy later in the day.

Each Tuesday morning, when the Clothing Room is open, we also serve a similar free breakfast to over 100 of our neighbors.

Weekly Grocery list
600 eggs
12 gallons of milk
30 loaves of bread
4 lbs of butter
30 boxes of cereal
16 gallons of juice
50 lbs of potatoes
20 lbs of meat
5 lbs of coffee
cups, plates, bowls, etc.

CLICK  HERE to see and hear a multimedia presentation of the New Life Breakfast Ministry or HIGHLIGHT, cut and paste this ENTIRE URL into your web browser OR, if that does not work for you just type it in the browser exactly as it is below:


David Bezaire made a series of photos during Tuesday Breakfast (November 2, 2011) Click HERE to see the photos. David also made a video of the Tuesday Breakfast to see it Click HERE.